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"His favourite times were at the track, because it was real," adds Cox. "He always said that movies were not real and he was happiest when it was just him and a machine. He was a truly gifted driver and he proved it many times."

Nell caught the racing bug from her father and, as Cox's initial meeting with her confirms, she has always loved speed. "I went to racing school when I was 21," she says. "I was offered a ride in a 24-hour race that needed a third driver. I told dad and he was furious saying: 'No you don't! You get yourself back to school!' We were incredibly similar - especially in our stubbornness and hot-headedness."

But one person who did not share Newman's love of speed was his wife. "It scared her," says Nell. "She always hated fast driving and it was an ongoing battle between the two of them. She had to teach herself to enjoy it as we would all go to watch Pop's race. But I think the Rolex and the message on the back was her totem of protection."

Paul Newman wearing the Daytona, pictured with Nell in 1979 (Panerai Ferrari Replica)

Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward (Rolex Daytona Replica)

A simple message "Drive Carefully Me" that engraved on the caseback

Sweet Charity

Just as philanthropy and giving back was important to her father, both Nell and Cox are active in the Nell Newman Foundation, whose mission is: "To fund the underdogs, and unpopular ideas my father and mother originally championed." Among those "underdogs", the Newmans supported planned parenthood programmes, anti-war organisations and animal defence charities - even narrating a film highlighting the plight of spotted owls at the hands of logging, leading to Newman being boycotted for the first time.

Today, through her Foundation, Nell looks for interesting small organisations that may be unable to get a grant from other sources. "I look for small, radical organisations that are actively affecting change in society. That can be in the fields of the arts, food production and distribution, healthcare access or ecology. For example, we are currently looking at a project involved in developing a machine that will take plastic from the oceans and turn it into diesel. It is a diamond in the rough but, if we believe in people, we want to help them.